Discovering Milan I: Duomo Cathedral, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Ca’ Granda, Via Torino

Milan is a great metropolitan city situated in the north west of the italian peninsula; it is the economic capital of Italy and the most modern italian city; Milan is also the chief town of the Lombardy region. History, culture, tradition, design, fashion, food, restaurants, enterprises, universities and more…this is Milan. It’s time to discover one of the most vibrant city in Europe; Let’s go!!

Italy: the virtual tour

Hey there. Today I was watching TV and I saw an interesting project promoted by Ministero dei beni culturali, Comune di Roma, Comune di Milano and others instituctions as Vatican Museums. This project is about exploring the most famous Italians cities, museums and monuments through a virtual tour.

Lockdown, again

Hi there, here we are. A new italian lockdown; this one is not like the first one: they called the “light lockdow”.